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Clients and students often tell me that they lack confidence and self-belief as such this holds them back from being who and what they want to be or do. The media seems to be full of information about confidence building and all sorts of ideas on how to boost it. With all the information out there it is hard to know where to start especially if you lack confidence.

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The Way To Inner Peace

I was listening to a webinar about what makes what you do as a job special. This got me thinking about what I do? I went and looked at my website and reread my strap line “the way to innerRead more

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Resolutions and the New Year

What have I set up for this year? Yes I could do to lose some weight and be a bit fitter the usual ones. So this year I have decided to be different so I am learning to play the Ukulele, not any easy task for a non-musician.

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Can the Can’ts

Can the can’ts came to me as a title for this blog as a thought for the day landed in my email in box this week. It made me think how much we say can’t in our day to day lives. The thought for the day which said, “Success comes in cans failures in can’ts”.

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