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Chronic Tiredness and Fatigue

Tiredness is something we all suffer from at times. It is due to doing to much, stress or feeling under the weather. However chronic tiredness and fatigue is rarely talked about in wider terms you only seem to hear aboutRead more

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Long Term Health Conditions

Discussion about long term health conditions and self support one person’s view and way to manage long term health problems.

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Heart Passion Dignity and Death

We all have to cope with the death of a loved one at some time in our lives. Unfortunately it is part of the cycle of life, it is never easy when we are faced with losing someone we love and or care about. When we have to cope with the loss of someone we move into the cycle of grief as we come to terms with the event in our life.

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You Need Hands

Over the last few weeks I have been talking about hands a great deal within my teaching and therapy sessions. It appears to be the theme of the month so I thought why not write about hands in this blog.

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