Mindfulness (learning to be mindful)


In the moment and seeing the world

Mindfulness, means living life as it actually happens from moment to moment. In reality most of us live mindlessly lost in worry, anxiety, stress and negative thinking. Mindfulness is a tool of wisdom and insight.

Being mindful  is not trying to get somewhere, be something, and or change something. It is about being right here and now. It is being open to the current experience and flowing with it whether it is negative, neutral or positive. Mindfulness is about waking up and living life by noticing the world around you. Living mindfully you benefit by gaining physical and mental wellbeing.

This technique exercises the mental muscle and trains it to stay in the moment and not to wonder off. You can think of the mind like an untrained puppy and it needs to learn how to behave. It helps to turn up the volume to a good healthy brain activity and turn down the volume on negative brain activity.

learning to be mindful  comes out of meditation practiced in the eastern cultures for centuries. Spiritually being mindful is seen as one of the ways to enlightenment. Practiced in the west there is nothing religious about mindfulness as it is used as a therapeutic practice to improve wellbeing. Recent research has been proved that being mindful helps emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

Mindfulness is about the journey not the destination. Learning about your automatic reactions to life and situations. The idea is to become like water and go with the flow.

Learning to practice being mindful is going with the flow so you are lining in the now. Life will happen, so you need to learn to release and let go. It is about learning to take the day’s experience and just throw away the rubbish.

Mindfulness can be taught either on a one to one basis or in a group.