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Old never !

The saying goes that you are as young as you feel. I can feel physically ancient and a teenager mentally. It is when I look in the mirror that I get reminded that I am a menopausal older woman.

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Women, menopause and men

When it comes to women, menopause and men the menopause can be a hard time for women but equally it can be hard for partners and the family too.

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Living with the menopause

When a woman is peri, menopausal or post menopausal negotiating the health service can sometimes be a tricky business. Coping around irregular periods, heavy bleeding, hot sweats/flushes, forgetfulness and weight gain can be difficult.

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Life Changes

I have been thinking a lot about life changes lately – We all go through life stages and each one can affect us differently. Life changes can be to do with things like starting school, starting work getting married, having kids or bodily changes like puberty the menopause or pregnancy.

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